Deluxe Restroom with Sink Inside


Interior Hand Wash Station Included & Available with a Flushing Toilet in the Super Deluxe Model!

Our Deluxe Restroom has a hand wash station inside along with a soap dispenser, a paper towel dispenser and toilet seat sanitizer.

The Super Deluxe Restroom has all of these features, and also a flushing toilet. The foot operated flushing mechanism also makes it very difficult to actually see anything in the holding tank, a feature your guests will appreciate.

An interior light is included at no additional fee. These restrooms never go out on construction sites and are only used for special events so they are always in great condition!

Features & Amenities Include:

  • Interior Hand Wash Station
  • Soap & Paper-Towel Dispensers
  • Take-A-Seat Spray Toilet Seat Cleaner
  • Foot Operated Flushing Toilet (Super Deluxe Model Only)
  • Interior Light
  • Accommodates up to 160 average uses (this is 20% less than a standard portable toilet because of the water usage)