Office Trailer Restroom


We Deliver the Water!

The Office Trailer/Restroom System is one of our most popular items. We have two different models to fit any modular trailer. The model pictured here uses a water tank so your porcelain bowl (usually supplied with the trailer) can flush with fresh water. The water tank can sit right next to the toilet or can be hidden out of view if the trailer has a closet or adjacent room for the tank to sit in. If there is no porcelain bowl or there isn’t room for a water tank inside the restroom, we have a self-contained re-circulating model. Both models use a holding tank underneath the trailer for the waste. Service is available any day of the week.

Features & Amenities

  • Perfect for any site that doesn’t have access to water
  • 60 Gallon Water Tank with On Demand Pump
  • 120 Gallon Waste Holding Tank Under the Trailer

If your trailer does have access to water, then all you need is a holding tank plumbed in underneath your trailer.