Solar-Powered Just Like Home Restrooms


Offering All the Conveniences of Home So Your Guests Will Be Comfortable and are Available in Several Different Configurations!

The Solar Powered Just Like Home Restrooms are ideal for weddings, graduations, parties and other outdoor events. These are available as a single unit (not on a trailer) or on trailers in 2-Restroom and 4-Restroom combinations.

These restrooms have lights and running water all powered by solar panels. The panels store enough energy to last through the night. A heater and a fan are also included, but do require a 110-volt power source to work. Along with running water, the counter top area contains a soap dispenser, a paper towel dispenser and a mirror. Carpet and a trash receptacle complete the Just Like Home restroom.

Heaters in these restrooms means they can be used in the fall and winter and still be very comfortable!

These are also available by the month with regular weekly services and are an excellent choice for job sites when a store or business needs temporary restrooms for employees or customers.

Features and Amenities

  • Solar Powered!
  • Sink with Running Water
  • Heater
  • Flushing Toilet
  • Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap
  • Paper Towels
  • Interior Light
  • Trash Receptacle
  • Coat Hook
  • 3-Roll Toilet Paper Holder


  • The 2-unit trailer is 8’2″ wide and 15′ long
  • The 4-unit trailer is 8’2″ wide and 25′ long
  • Trailers are 9’6″ tall
  • Just Like Home Restrooms are available off of trailers and are 7’4″ tall
  • Heater and Fan require 110-volt power source to operate

Solar Powered Prestige Just Like Home Restrooms

All of the same features as the Just Like Homes above, but with 50% more interior room and air conditioning. These are available on trailers only in 2-Restroom and 3-Restroom combinations. The lights and sink use solar power to operate, however, the heater and air conditioning do require 110V electricity to operate.

All of the same Features and Amenities as the Just Like Homes above, plus 50% More Interior Room and Air Conditioning!


  • The 2-unit Prestige trailer is 8’2″ wide and 17′ long
  • The 3-unit Prestige trailer is 8’2″ wide and 22′ long
  • Trailers are 9’6″ tall
  • Just Like Home Prestige Restrooms are not available off of trailers due to the weight of the units
  • Heater and Air Conditioner require 110-volt power source to operate